Dry Lining

PPL provide a complete dry lining service.

Developed over more than 90 years, Gyproc plasterboards and accessories lead the market in quality, range and performance providing proven linings that help systems to meet and surpass the fire, acoustic, impact and lifetime performance demands of modern buildings.

Drywall systems provide an economic, high performance option to meet a broad range of construction requirements. They are ideally suited to today’s fast-track construction schedules which must control costs whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

Use of these products removes the drying time associated with wet trades and so aids co-ordination between contractors, whilst at the same time contributing to overall build programme speed.

High quality is ensured as all of our work conforms to the British Gypsum, Lafarge and Knauf standard.

Metal stud partitions are cost-effective, multi-purpose partitions, which have provided the industry standard for many years. They are suitable for all types of buildings, including residential, healthcare (as approved by the Department of Health for use in hospitals) and commercial.

The metal systems increasingly used in conjunction with wallboards introduce an added element of ‘factory control’ on-site, readily accommodate building services and avoid the problems sometimes associated with traditional timber studs drying out over time.

In refurbishment work, metal systems provide a convenient means of creating true and flat surfaces over the most uneven of substrates.

Metal Stud Partitions

MF and Suspended Ceilings

Metal Frame suspended ceiling systems suitable for most internal dry lining applications. The grid is fully concealed and ceiling lining is joint-treated or plastered to present a seamless, monolithic appearance. It can also be constructed to form a curved ceiling and soffit lining which can be used on convex or concave structures to achieve the required radii.

SFS offers ‘fast track’ building solutions to construct infill walling, internal load bearing elements and high bay separating walls.

Steel Framing Systems give all the benefits associated with cold rolled steel sections to deliver a complete package of load bearing constructional solutions. Supreme versatility, ease of build ability, high-speed construction and significant reductions in dead loadings all combine to enable tight deadlines to be achieved, and overall programme and project cost reduced.

The SFS component range enables an infinite number of structural solutions to be achieved. It offers complete freedom of design from simple, functional construction to complex detailing. Gyproc linings contribute to the fire and acoustic performance of the elements and provide an ideal surface suitable for most decorative treatments.

Steel Framing System (SFS)

  • High precision, load bearing systems
  • Proven record in ‘fast-track’ construction
  • Warm frame achieves excellent thermal performance
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Less material wastage
  • Ideal for low ground bearing pressure situations